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Video Marketing Is Essential To The Success Of Your Business!

How Did I Get Into Video Marketing?

“…I was in the financial services and mortgage industry which can be competitive so the only thing that made my marketing different was my own personality. Plus, when I changed companies, I had to leave my marketing tools behind. Well the only thing that I took to a new company was me and my skill set. 

With your own videos, you don’t have to worry about that.  All of your videos will be yours and you can shoot them at will.

So video marketing mastery 2.0 (the director’s set) will help you to create your own mobile videos on a daily or weekly basis and make them look and feel professional. With this new series, you and I are going to personally connect each week by video or in person, (if your local) and we’re getting your video produced and out on the market every week. So you’ll need to be ready for that.”

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FREE Video Series: How To Produce Your Own Marketing Videos On Your Mobile Phone!

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Clients and Video Course Students

  • Sean Gutmann
    “LaVette is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly how to impact your client base in a specific way. Before taking her class I made random videos with no goal of reaching a specific client base. After taking her course I can now create content and shoot a short video that is specifically targeted to my client base.Thanks LaVette!”
  • Jaye Tompkins
    ``I love going to video classes by LaVette. She is very knowledgeable, very detailed and she knows how to make it fun and enjoyable.``
  • Colleen Bourassa
    ``Excellent! This class is for developing skills to shoot non-professional, well-done video to stay in front of your audience regularly. Professional video covers all of your points - these videos are to show who you are as a person.``

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