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17 Quick And Easy Ways To Create Appealing Videos

…Even If You Think You Don’t Look Good On Camera!

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Let’s say you have an amazing product and service that people need. But you are having a challenge getting it out in front of your best customers. You want to make a video about it, but your video skills leave much to be desired!
You already know that 80% of people would rather watch a video than read. But, how do you shoot a quality video people will watch and respond to that doesn’t look awful?
If you don’t start creating videos for your product, how far behind the market will you fall this year, then the next.
So I’ll tell you what I’m working on. I created a video training called:
*The Video Marketing System Every Solopreneur Needs To Know
The bonuses that come with that training are videos that I created for my clients that helped them to start video marketing.
Elevator Speech Training Guide
The Marketers’ Guide to Product Presentation Videos
The SECRETS To Making Sales From Attending Networking Events
And then One Special Bonus!
How would it help you if there were a simple video training program that teaches you secrets about creating professional-looking videos using your mobile phone? That’s only $7!
What’s the catch?
Well, this is my full-time business. But most start-up solopreneurs can’t afford for me to come out and produce the video for them. I don’t even recommend that. Honestly, this is an easier and better way for me to help solopreneurs market with cell phone videos.
If you like my style of training, then when you are ready for more extensive production, you might take a look at my production studio.
I’m going to leave it at $7 a short time after the opening date! If you know anything about making videos – One video sales letter can cost you thousands of dollars! That in itself makes this program worth checking out.
There’s a guarantee that you can have your $7 back if it doesn’t work for you at all. If $7 is a stretch for you, I get it. I’ve been there. When I started, I had to borrow $1 from my younger sister to buy a video training program in 2009. I’m glad I did.
So you can go to the link to get access or click on the link in the description, and I will see you inside the program.

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