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Are There Other Ways To Connect With Your Audience Than Using Live-action (On Camera) Videos?


There are several other ways to connect with your audience other than using live action (face to camera) videos. You can do screen share from your computer, PowerPoint training, webinars, or animation videos.


Another very effective video strategy is to do interviews with others. You could interview another person in your business such as a partner or you can interview your previous customers.


Some customers have no challenge appearing on camera. Plus, if it’s a business, they’ll be happy to get some exposure out of it. Have your clients do the on-camera bit, while you’re off camera asking questions. Or send them a list of questions that they can answer for you.


 In addition, whiteboard animation videos are still highly effective. 


Hopefully, that gives you some ideas on what you can do to get your message out without worrying about appearing on camera. But, I will tell you that statistics show that you will get a lot more interaction and engagement if you put your face on camera. Your prospects want to see your face.


One of the things that clients tell me is that when they see me talking on camera, it adds authenticity to what I’m saying.


I’ve heard many successful marketers say “just to get over it and get on camera”. Well, there’s a lot more to it than that. The reason why people don’t want to appear on camera is not just about disliking the way they look. Sometimes it has a lot to do with how people feel they might be treated by the audience. That’s the primary reason behind most stage fright.
You might be self-conscious about your appearance. But I have found that most customers are really not as concerned about your appearance as they are about what you’re saying.
So getting comfortable creating content on camera is a value to your customers as well.



It’s becoming more and more essential that you get used to engaging with prospects face-to-face before they buy from you.


Customers want to see you, so work on getting comfortable on film. It simply takes practice. In the meantime, using whiteboard word-animation videos is a great alternative to on-camera productions. I’ll talk about that more in the next article.





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