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How Do You Get Good At Creating Compelling Marketing Videos?

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Remember that practice is the only thing that going to get you good at marketing. Whether it be video marketing, social media, e-commerce or offline, you still need to practice your presentation.

I like to script it first, practice it off camera for a bit, then shoot it on camera.

You want to shoot a few videos at different looks, angles, and backgrounds. Then you ‘ll know the feel of your presentation and how to want it to look when you actually give it in person or on camera.

You’ll also need an honest friend. One that’s not vested in your success or failure. Ask them about each type of video you make. You want to know how the overall presentation went, how you look in the colors, the quality look of the video and if the script is interesting.

For your script, I recommend hiring a copywriter if it’s your own product. If it’s a compliant product, then try and find your best brochure from the company and turn it into a video.

Either way, make sure it’s interesting, compelling and creates interest in your product.

Most importantly, practice every day until you feel comfortable with your presentation. Once it’s on video, it will work for you as long as it plays.

I’ll see ya in the next blog.

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