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Welcome To Video  Marketing Mastery - On Your Mobile Phone -

Video Marketing Mastery - Basics (On Your Mobile Phone)
A 6-Week training course on how to create, produce, edit and market videos using your mobile phone. (Simple, Interactive)

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Video Marketing Mastery - Basics (On Your Mobile Phone)


The Video Marketing Mastery - Basics program is for someone who knows little to nothing about creating videos on a mobile phone. It's perfect for network marketers, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, direct marketers, e-commerce marketers, or anyone that wants to market a service or product online or offline with video. Yes, you can use video to market your product offline. If this is you, then the basics program is the best place for you to start.

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Video Marketing Mastery - The Director's Set

This program is best for when you are looking to build a more sophisticated looking video however, a full video production is not currently in your budget. This program offers many upgraded perks including a weekly 20-minute weekly consultation for 6 weeks with the director who will assist you in producing your own marketing videos.

Something For Everyone
  • Free Access To A Brief Monthly Vlog
  • Email Access To Early Bird Discounts
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Comes With Free Membership

Get in now! The free offer will soon become a paid membership so take advantage while it's available.

VMM "The Director's Set" Consultation
  • Everything in VMM Basics PLUS:
  • 1 Hour Starter Consultation
  • Accelerated Coursework Option
  • Private Email Access
  • Weekly 20 Minute Consultation for 6 Weeks
  • Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Access To Case Studies and Director's Notes
  • First Offer To Live Classes
  • Access To Live Webinars
  • Video and Film Production Priority
  • Access To Extended Weekly Vlog
  • Lifetime Access
Available Soon!

This is for those who want more personalized help creating videos. Plus many other perks.

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee!

My guarantee is that you will walk away with video marketing abilities that will change the way you do business for good. You will have the ability to create your own self-directed videos at will. If, for some reason you are not satisfied with this program in the first 30 days, we will be happy to return your investment.


Welcome to my video training site. My name is LaVette Grice. Be sure to watch for upcoming training courses in the near future.

Upcoming Training

The next course is an invitation only training on how to create engaging videos on your mobile phone. Once the beta program is complete, it will be released to those on my list. You can always enjoy the free content and join my list for upcoming courses.