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Help Is On The Way | If You’re Struggling To Make Nice Mobile Phone Videos

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If you’re working on shooting your next mobile phone video and running into snags, I just want to let you know I’m about to release the eBook that can help you. 


As a reminder, this eBook is for the complete novice. If you know how to pre-produce your vids and all that stuff, it will be a “no-duh” book for ya.


However, it may help someone who is bugging you to shoot videos for them all the time. 


I wrote it all myself and edited it with Grammarly just in case you are thinking of doing something similar. Simply make a list of 3 things you know about your subject and write a paragraph or two about it. When you’re done with that, write a short introduction about yourself.


Remember, just like there’s no such thing as a perfect video, there’s also no such thing and a perfect ebook. Of course, it can be well written, but that’s what editors are for. I’ll soon be hiring one myself, but I kind of like the personal feel of my do-it-yourself system right now. Besides, creating programs like this keeps me from binge-watching movies.


I named this eBook/video program, The Master Video Marketing Kit.


It includes an eBook, a mind map video on how to develop a video marketing campaign (like I do for elite clients), and gives access to week #1 of the Video Marketing Mastery eCourse.


Also, if you are a previous student of any of my classes, you will get a coupon for a 100 percent discount. Yeah, that’s free stuff. 


Okay, I gotta get back to work pre-producing the videos for the sales page. I’ll see you on the next set.


Stay safe and warm,




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