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How Do Attraction Marketing and Video Marketing Work Together?

If you’ve been in business for a while, you may remember that earlier in the 2000s, everyone was talking about attraction marketing. It was this new thing. Video marketing was also becoming the rage.


However, it seems like attraction marketing has dropped off quite a bit. But in reality, I believe that it has subtly integrated its way naturally into many types of marketing strategies, including video marketing.


When you combine the two marketing concepts of video and attraction marketing you can see the evidence that this is an extremely successful method of communicating with your target market.


I remember starting out with video marketing and not really knowing much about what I was doing or how to do it. I wanted to begin using videos as the primary means to communicate with my prospects and customers. That was because the stats were saying that video was the best way to connect with customers. I could see this even in the way I was responding to videos. Back then, I probably watched 25 or more videos a day. So I began mimicking what I saw video marketers doing to the best of my ability.


Merging Videos With Attraction Marketing Methods

So how do you go about merging your video marketing strategies with the concept of attraction marketing? Well, it actually integrates pretty easily. Since attraction marketing consists of connecting with your prospects by initially building a relationship with them, you can more easily accomplish this with a video.


Your starter video can be a free mini-series on tips about your business, product reviews, training, and tutorials. Once you have your prospect’s attention, you can then begin engaging with them in email and on social media. Only after you’ve established a relationship with them should you offer to sell them your services.


In the next article, let’s talk about the specifics of building an engaging attraction marketing video.




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