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How Do You Create A Video That Has The Attraction Marketing Concept Built Into It?

In the previous article, we talked about how attraction marketing and video marketing have integrated and how you can now use these concepts to communicate with your prospects. So how do you create a video that has the attraction marketing concept built into it?


One of the most successful ways to create a video that attracts your target market is to answer a question that is already inside the mind of your prospect. However, you will want to make your point right away at the start of the video. Remember you have about 5 to 8 seconds to get the person’s attention before they click away.


People have their finger on the button ready to click away if you don’t say something that grabs their interest within the first few seconds of your video.

You could create an attracting video by asking a few friends or previous customers about their biggest challenges that relate to your service. For example, as a video marketer, one of the questions that I asked my networking group was “Why do you avoid marketing your business with videos”? Then, with a series of free videos, I addressed their responses.


So you can do this with a series of tips, or you can take one of your products that solves their problem and review it. Remember to connect their specific problem to your solution. You can also create a tutorial teaching them how to solve their problem themselves using your product.


You kind of want to do this with a free offer, especially at first. If you try to charge them for the solution too soon, you’re going to get some push-back because they could Google it and find the answer themselves for free.


Therefore, It’s very important to establish a relationship with your prospect first with a series of free content. Once they have warmed up to you, it’s easier to convince them that you’re worth the investment to proceed further.


If you’re going to up-sell them to a premium package, you will want to make sure you are solving an implicit problem. Especially if you going to charge high-end money for the solution.



For instance, if someone is simply watching a video on how to change a tire, they’re not going to want to pay thousands of dollars for you to teach them that. But if they want to learn how to take apart a Ferrari engine and put it back together, that is likely worth a higher investment to them.



Never-the-less, make sure that the relationship is established first, then offer a solution that is going to require an investment.

Incidentally, you don’t have to use video. You can connect with them using other forms of communication. However, videos have proven to be a more valued type of learning platform to acquire new customers online.


But what if you don’t have the time, money or ability to create videos on your own? Or, you’re just not comfortable seeing yourself on video?


There are other ways to connect with your audience than using live-action video. We can talk about that in the next article.




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