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How To Build Your Video Series Using Whiteboard Animation

When it comes to creating whiteboard animation videos, I do believe that you should first design a storyboard around your topic. Even if you need to draw stick figures, having those images in front of you will help you develop a clear direction for your video.


Take a look at your script and think of how you can transform it into a visual story. What images come up in your mind when you read through your script? What feelings do you want to inspire? Most importantly, what do you want to motivate your viewer to do?


Make a list of everything that you want your video to communicate to your viewers.


Decide How You Want The Animation To Look
Try to keep the story simple and direct. If you get too complex, you could lose the context of the story. You don’t want to leave your prospect confused. Presenting your service with a lot of flashy animations might also annoy or confuse the viewer. In most cases, simple is better.


Do you want a straight forward whiteboard design, an scene design with a background or a live video style? There are no rules preventing you from mixing styles, but it may look a bit more professional if you stay consistent.


Animation Software
There are several animated software programs available such as PowToon, OpenToonz, Moovely. The software that I have used consistently for many years is Explaindio. It’s a web-based software that downloads to your computer.

There are several ways that you can use explainer videos to tell your story. These can cost thousands of dollars to have them done professionally. With a little practice, you can do them yourself, at least at first while you are building your brand.


If at first, you decide that you really don’t want to appear on video, explainer videos are a viable option.


I strongly believe that it’s important to communicate with your prospects using a series of education videos instead of trying to make a sale with one strong call-to-action video. Remember the goal for using these videos is to build a relationship with them and make it feel personal.


You can grab a copy of Explaindio here on my affiliate link.


Let’s break down how I created my free video series in the next articles so you can see how I produced them step by step.


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