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Joseph Mank Studio Premiere Video | The Aveda Salon Project

Portland, OR Artist Joseph Mank Creates A Geometrical Design for Aveda Salon

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With the Joe Mank Studio footage, I will tell you first off that I created a lot of footage from this shoot. It was a two-day shoot and the first day I shot most of the footage. The second day was just getting finishing shots.
The day I started shooting, they had already painted the wall black, so most of the footage was of them adding the gold striping on the wall. Therefore, I used images to tell the story of how the wall transitioned from white to black.

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My direction for this shoot was for them to work naturally because I was not going to do any fancy types of transitions in post-production. So I had to nail each shot since there were going to be no do-overs.
Initially, they really wanted me to come in and shoot photos and time-lapses of this project. However, I realize that I’m certainly not a photographer. I’m a videographer-filmmaker, so I recommended that we convert the project into a video shoot instead. Although I can shoot images, I prefer to do a production shoot versus images. Sometimes you gotta stick to your game. With a production like this, it’s a one-time opportunity and I wanted to do it as a film type production.

Think about that when you are considering profiling a business or a product of your own. If you can market your prodect as a production, consider investing a little bit more and getting the footage. It will last longer and get more attention and views as a video.

Additionally, I wanted to get the shoot from many angles. It felt right to get them up on the ladder and then, what I enjoyed doing is something I’ve seen recently in some of the new industry videos, which is using close-ups. So I moved between a Canon 18 to 135 lens and a 50mm prime lens. In the close-ups, you can see the tool interchange between Joe and Marla. I wanted to focus on their hands and how they transferred tools to each other so I could get that sweeping motion in the transfer.
I love the close-in shots and none of them were pre-constructed. It was an all-natural movement and I was grabbing real footage of their work.
That’s why I like these productions where nothing is staged. I simply like to get a depiction of some of my clients working as they normally do to add realism to the production.

Client: Joseph Mank Studio
Portland, Oregon
Artist, Creative Services, Decorative Painting

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