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3 Behind-the-scene Tips On Setting Up To Shoot Mobile Phone Videos & Equipment Recommendations!

🎥 I shot this video raw on my mobile phone while I was on set preparing for the shoot. Even before I fixed my hair! 😉

How many times have you fumbled around trying to record a video of your presentation on your mobile phone and it didn’t turn out anything like you would have hoped?

I’ve done that more times than I care to admit.

It’s frustrating and exhausting. Then to top it off, you try to get a friend to help, and it’s worse. Before you know it, hours have gone by and you still don’t have a decent-looking video! So scrap that idea right?

Well, don’t do that just yet.

The best thing that a marketer did for me was to post a free video training on the Internet years ago. That video series turned my life and business around. I eventually went from selling financial products to creating video sales letters for customers.

Of course, you don’t need to become a videographer to make great videos. You only need to know some basic steps and concepts that will help get you through the frustration.

Therefore, I’ve paid it forward and created a free video workshop and framework that will get you over the hump. It’s for you if you want to know just a few concepts that it takes to create nice-looking marketing videos.

Remember, a good video is not one that’s flashy with you magically jumping through walls and coming out of floors. A great video is one that YOUR prospects will watch and respond to. So don’t get caught up in the fancy graphics hype. You don’t need it.

Go here to get access to my #freevideotraining entitled
“10 Easy Video Secrets That Connects You With Your Customers, Captivates Them, And Gets Them To Take Action!”


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