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Producer’s Note 4 | Editing Sound

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Producer’s Note about this video: I had an exhausting time editing the sound quality in the video because I chose an inexpensive mobile phone mic system years ago and never updated it…
I couldn’t believe how tough it was. I wondered, “how did I put up with this before?” Then I had the thought to go back and watch some of the old videos that I produced on mobile phone and computer.
I found that back then, I knew nothing about editing sound quality, so it wasn’t an issue. In looking back, I realized that what I did not know did not prevent me from shooting the video anyway.
It took many hours to try and edit the sound on this video, but when sound is an issue, you may as well make the decision to reshoot it. There’s almost no workaround.

I have a couple of other suggestions, but it will be a small investment to fix it. Plus I’ll show you my interim workaround while I got back to work reshooting this video.

We’ll definitely chat about this in our weekly sessions. I’ll likely add it to week 5 which is already labeled Editing and Sound.
See you inside the program.

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