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What Are The Real Challenges To Producing Your Own Marketing Videos?


What happens to you when you think about shooting a video of yourself?
Do you get nervous or break out in hives?

You may have tried to produce your own marketing video, but ran into challenges trying to get it to look the way you want it to look. The truth is that it’s harder than it looks. But with a few simple tips and some practice you can overcome the challenges.


You already know that you need to start marketing with videos in order to keep up with the competition, so I don’t have to convince you of that. But the question is, how? How can you become comfortable in front of your own video camera? How can you shoot videos that aren’t embarrassing to show to the public?  Is it worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a videographer before you even know what to do?


Cameras Cause Strange Behavior

As a video marketer, funny things happen when I hold up my camera. I get strange reactions even when attending a large networking event full of successful business people. I find that they are perfectly content to meet and greet in person, but as soon as my camera comes out they start ducking and running. Why is that?


Well, like many people, they may have grown up before personal video cameras came out. Therefore, we were trained to be afraid of the camera from a young age. Do you remember when your mom dressed you up and wanted you to pose for the camera, and you really didn’t want to do that? Then when dad pulled the camcorder out of the box, things got even worse.


So the camera already has a bad reputation, to begin with. Therefore, you may already have that camera-shy hurdle to overcome. It’s also natural to worry about what people will say about you in the comments section of your video. We as marketers have to deal with that issue constantly, but it isn’t as scary as you think. In my advanced video course, I address that issue at length.


Why I Started Marketing With Videos

One reason that I created this series is that I really understand how much videos are moving the market. But I know that you probably don’t want to get in front of a camera without knowing what you are doing.


In 2008, I knew that video was playing a huge part in marketing and although I didn’t want to be on screen in my videos, I did know a couple of business people who didn’t have a problem with it. So they were the subjects of my first productions.


I was able to film my first client with my computer camera and a cheap mobile phone. Back then, there wasn’t as much competition as there is now. Today those videos that I shot wouldn’t fly, which is another reason that you make may feel self-conscious about marketing with videos.


Other peoples videos always seem to look better than yours, don’t they?


The Market Will Only Get More Competitive

The competition is increasing because more and more businesses are creating videos to market their services.  Therefore, in my series, I introduce you to a way of marketing with videos that might be much more comfortable for you as a beginner. Then, as you feel more comfortable, you can gradually break into public video marketing once you get the hang of it However, you really don’t have to market with public videos. Ninety percent of my videos are private and I do this for a living.


So, take a look at my free series and see if you can identify with the challenge of being too shy to present yourself on video. Then let’s work on a technique that can help you with that.


In this first video, I asked a focus group why they don’t use videos to marketing their services. Here’s what they said…(Go Here To Watch)


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