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Product Production Series: What’s In Your Hiking/Survival Bag?

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What’s In Your Hiking/Survival Bag?
Even when I go on a short hike, I take some kind of emergency kit and my backpack. I often see people on trails that have nothing. The challenge is that you could get a cut, blister, take a tumble, then there you are with nothing. Every tactical pack should have an emergency blanket in it. Some blankets even insulate you from the high heat of a fire until help comes. We know about how fast a fire can break out here in the PAC NW. 
This year, Sept 2020, I had plans to go to Central Oregon and camp out near the Metolius River at Lower Canyon Creek. I was supposed to leave on September 13th with all of my overnight and hiking gear. The plan was to film the use of each of these tools out in the elements. Well, we all know how that went
Oregon has experienced the worst forest fires in its history. These fires have not only devastated the forest and campgrounds, but they have also affected the lives of those who live nearby including those of us who live in the city. 
I’m a downtowner and we have come to a halt in many places because of the thick smoke and an AQI of 500+ in some places. But as Oregonians do, we adjust to the circumstances of our surroundings and re-grow with the nature around us. 
Emergency Gear For Your Bag
I’ll be filming the KOSIN Survival Gear, 18 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit
The multi-purpose survival kit contains everything you need when there is an emergency situation that occurs like a natural disaster or wilderness adventure. It’s also a perfect fit for people who love hiking, hunting, overnight camping including a great gift idea for the adventurer.
Inside The Kit
1-Upgrade compass, 2-Upgrade survival knife, 3-Wire-saw, 4-Water Bottle Clip, 5-Emergency Blanket, 6-Flintstone, Scraper, 7-Flashlight, 8-Credit Card Knife, 9-Tactical Pen, 10-Whistle, 11-Mini Light, 12-Carabiner, 13-Temperature Compass, 14-Paracord Bracelet, 15-Ruler, 16-Flathead & Phillips Screwdriver Set, 17-Large Sewing Needle, 18-Gauze swabs, bandages, & alcohol pads, inside a Waterproof Box.
This kit is small enough to fit in a small backpack that you might use for a day hike. I highly recommend keeping a kit like this with you when you go camping, out on a hike, or even in your car. As you may already know, you can’t be too safe.

Get This Kit 👉 KOSIN Survival Gear, 18 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit



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