Services and Pricing

Film your story, your ideas and concepts with powerful and engaging videos that
capture the imagination of your customers.


  • Video Headshot

    Take your profile images up another level by transforming them into a 30 second video clip with voiceover. Two options: Raw (out of camera) or Edited with addons.

    $149 Unedited

  • Half-Day Shoot

    A half day shoot takes about 3-4 hours including travel time and set up. Best for elevator speech and product profile shoots. Raw (out-of-camera) or edited with addons.

    $850 Raw

  • Full-Day Shoot

    A full day shoot takes 6 to 8 hours. These types of shoots are typically tutorials, product reviews, product introductions, and interviews. Raw or edited with addons.

    $1495 Raw

  • All-Day Shoot 6+ Hours

    A full day plus. Over 6 hours of production including travel and set-up. Typically longer videos or films. Presentations, events, training sessions, pageants, and small commercials. Raw or edited with addons.

    $1795 Raw

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Added Services (add-ons):

  • Video and Film Editing

    Editing includes cuts, coloring, sound, and effects. This is an additional fee. Pricing provided with pre-production quote.

  • Location Rentals

    We have access to studio stages and production rooms. Some locations require a fee to schedule a set. Prices vary. This is an additional fee.

  • Location Permits

    If you choose to rent a public location, there could be a permit fee. Those fees can be included in your quote if we know in advance. Otherwise, this is an additional fee.

  • Equipment Rentals

    We have access to just about any type of camera you would like. Lighting, cameras, stands, props, backdrops, green screens…etc. This is an additional fee.

  • Video Effects (VFX)

    Add dimension, movement, animation, and any type of effect to your film that enhances it’s features.

  • Sound Effects (SFX)

    Music makes the film! Add in background music, enhance the sound quality, add any type of sound effect that makes your videos stand out from the rest.

  • Location Permits

    Before you select a location, make sure you check the permit requirements. Permits can be pricey, so be sure that your budget can cover this investment.

  • Marketing Direction

    A marketing package is essential to the success of your project. Any film or video that you produce for commercial use needs marketing. 

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*Quotes are good for 30 days, however, availability is limited. All quotes are dependent upon filming complexity, equipment needs, travel requirements, tool and space rental, and hiring needs. This quote is for one creator with a basic camera, lighting, editing platform and personal film and marketing expertise. Pricing is subject to adjustment when add-ons are included. Fifty percent minimum deposit required prior to production or website development with the remaining about due at delivery. All watermarks will be removed upon completed payment.


While we understand that many are on a budget, the stated pricing stands "as quoted" without negotiation. We have found in the past that reducing pricing, although intended to help the
client, only reduces the value of our services in the minds of many who have received such advantages. Therefore we have agreed that if a customer does not comprehend the value of our services as quoted, then it would be of better service to allow them to seek more suitable services elsewhere rather than reduce the value, quality and deliverability of our products.

Thank you for your investment and confidence.