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Upcoming Class | How To Create Professional Looking Videos On Your Mobile Phone!


This course has been designed to change the way you market your business by teaching you the ins and outs of creating compelling videos by simply using your mobile phone.

You might be thinking that you can never compete with the video world to promote your product or service because it’s either too expensive or too time-consuming and there’s just too much to learn.
Well, I’ve been marketing with videos for almost a decade and it’s not as bad as it seems. Yes, there’s work involved, but it’s something that you learn by doing a few times, once you know the secrets behind it, then you’re off to the races.
People have been asking me when am I going to do another class on creating videos and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the chance to put another live class together, however, I have decided to put a highly interactive online course together for a small list of people who have shown interest.
If you are a previous student or client, access to that course will be sent directly to your email or by messenger. It’s a Beta launch course so I want to start out by working with those are already on the waiting list and who have really shown interest in the past. I’ll also launch another version of the course again in early spring which will include an updated video animation course.

Below is an example of a video I created (without even planning) for a networking group mixer. I had no pre-production notes and all of the shots were totally impromptu. That’s to show you that it’s possible to shoot live, edited videos with little planning as long as you have some basic understanding of how to shoot and edit your videos. I even broke a lot of the rules on this one, but it was still enjoyed by those in the group.

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Meets each Thursday at 11am @ WeWork Custom House
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The Video Course Content

This class is going to be a 6-week, hyper-interactive online course. There will be a lot of personal connection, surveys, and hot-seat case reviews in our live webinar events each week. The focus is to help you dial in everything on your video creations. There is always homework in my classes because I feel that it’s not useful to watch a lectured course, then do nothing with it. Success requires activity!
My goal is for you to have some impressive video content that you can send out to your prospects and customers for the rest of your career. Corporate videos are nice, but they don’t have you in them, so they can never be as personal as your own self-created videos. Once you learn this, you will be out in front of the majority of those who are not promoting their business with videos.
Video marketing is not going away. As a matter of fact, there are many studies showing how big it will get in the next few years. However, videographers and filmmakers are not going to get cheaper. Therefore, it’s important that you at least know the basics so that you can stay ahead of the curve and always have the ability to create nice looking videos to promote your products and services for the long haul.
In the next series of videos, I’m going to cover the topic “How I Launched My Business With An Ugly Video and $.89 Cents In The Bank!” It’s a great story and I look forward to sharing it with you.
I’ll see you on set.

P.S. Watch for the private invitation link to the class to be delivered to your email inbox and by messenger.


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