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Product Profile Video: A Lens That Gets You That Buttery Bokeh You're Looking For!

Lightdow 85mm F 1.8

Medium Telephoto Manual Focus
Full Frame Portrait Lens

You can still shoot great looking videos and photos indoors even with covid and forest fires lurking outside. The way this 85mm lens shoots bokeh will make it look like you spent a lot more on it than you did. Keep in mind that it’s a completely manual lens. I would recommend it for nice outdoor photo and video headshots. I’m looking forward to shooting those myself. 


Video shot on my Galaxy Note 8

Music: @epidemicsound

Profile Introduction Video. Live Action Shot With A Handheld Camera

Joseph Mank Studio. This video was created as a film production to introduce transition techniques to my productions. The direction was for them to work as normal to capture natural movement.

Talking Head Product Introduction Video using Green Screen, Live-Action,  with B-Roll and Word Animation Titles

Colleen Bourassa wanted a profile video featuring a new product for her Ageless Beauty company. However, we didn't want it to be too much of one scene so we added approved B-roll of her company's footage. There are 5 videos that make up this personalized presentation. 

Green Screen Video, Live-Action, Storyteller, with B-Roll and Word Animation Titles

This is Angela DiBetta, a business owner and entrepreneur in Vancouver, Washington. She is now an Independent Chalk Couture Designer. This is her storyteller video. I produced this video with a Galaxy Note 4 smartphone using telephoto, and micro lens attachments. We filmed a walk-through of her facility and shot her storyteller on green screen.

Sample Video Sales Letter

This is a simple word animation video with image and music background. It's a great way to present an initial product or service presentation.

Sample Word and Image Animation with Live-Action Picture-in-picture Including B-Roll Background

I shot the live action part of this video first, then added the animation explainer video. I created the word animation to match the script. I also included some video backgrounds and doodle drawings to give it more movement. 

Introduction Video Using Images and Word Animation

The client, Joe Mank, sent in images of his art and provided content from his website that I was able to implement into the animation.

Talking A-Roll Setting with B-Roll Video, Transitions, Featuring A Variety of Location Background Shots and Music Background

I created a shot list for this featured video training product before I began the shoot. This was all done on a smartphone and edited in Hitfilm. I teach these strategies in my >>video coaching course.<<

Are you looking for another type of video? Contact me and I'll check my Reel. If I can't produce it, chances are I know someone who can.

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