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The NEW Video Marketing Mastery 2.0 Student Version Is Here!

Click Below To Listen To The Intro Audio:

Since you are a valued student of the video marketing mastery program, I’d like to open the new 2.0 course up to you first.

However, there is absolutely no obligation to you to upgrade to the “Director’s Set” 2.0 version of video marketing mastery. Especially since you’ve already been through the basic course.

This new class is a one-on-one video coaching and consultation course where I will work with the student personally each week to produce a series of product or service videos that end with a social media ad for the video.

The investment in the new coaching series is $997 for the video training and $1797 if you want the social media marketing package. so when you click through you will see the significant discount that students can get for upgrading.

This course will be a bit more extensive so you will need to make sure you have time to complete each weekly assignment…

I look forward to seeing you there.






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