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What Is The Advantage Of Using A Video Profile?

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What Is The Advantage Of Using A Video (Headshot)Profile?

Why Use A Short Video Profile

This is a Video Profile Shot that I’ve recently started doing for clients. We know that social media has changed the attention span for viewers. In the past, a 30 second to 1-minute video commercial was the norm. But now that time-space has dropped to around 15 to 20 seconds for a commercial before you lose your audience. Therefore, I’ve begun using the same rule of thought for profile videos. 


Types of Video Profiles

This is a video profile shot. These types of videos can also be used for intros, outros or stand-alone profile features. But you still need to shoot several minutes of video with a few looks to give your profile video some depth. You can always trim, but you can’t get more footage unless you go and do another shoot.


This will work well for you if you have an event coming up where you will be featured working in your profession. But a video profile shot can work to feature almost any type of skill. Whether you are a hairstylist, auto mechanic, seamstress, realtor or network marketer presenting a product, you can use these video profiles in every aspect of your social media marketing.


Where To Place Video (Headshot) Profiles

Use a video profile in your social media profile video or as a post on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Make sure you link it to your sales pages and product pages in the description.


To learn more about shooting your own video profile features, take advantage of my free video series on creating and marketing your own videos using your mobile phone. 


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